Our New World

Bringing Youth to the Table - Kevin Patel

November 16, 2022

Much of the current climate crisis seems devisive. Youth vs adulthood, wealth vs poverty, global North v global South. In reality, it is a problem that is impacting us all, and one that we all need to band together to tackle. Kevin Patel, of all people, recognises this and is doing something about it. 

His organisation 'One Up Action' gives youth an opportunity to involve themselves in climate action with a focused and guided approach. It bridges the gap between adults and young people by giving youth the confidence to use their voices. Considering the lack of youth representation in politics, his work and ideas bring an interesting question to light; how do we involve more young people in global issues in a productive way? Young people aren't just our future now, they are very much our present, and need to be at the table.


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